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October 10, 2015

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Ferrari SP12 EC Picture

Ferrari SP12 EC Picture

Ferrari has released official photos and a video shot about the Ferrari SP12 EC, which is designed especially for rock star Eric Clapton. The a one-off car is based on Ferrari 458 Italia. Estimated price of Ferrari SP12 EC at $4.75 million, although Ferrari has not revealed a price.
Ferrari SP12 EC Official PhotosThe Ferrari SP12 EC will be powered by 4.5-liter V8 engine that producing 570 hp and features a two-tone color scheme and angular headlights. “The world-famous guitar player has been attached to one particular Ferrari model: the 512 BB, of which he has owned three over the years,” said Ferrari in a statement. “So his desire was to drive a car inspired by this model, with influences from the multi-award winning 458 Italia.”
The new Ferrari SP12 EC designed by the Centro Stile Ferrari in collaboration with Pininfarina.
Ferrari SP12 EC Video:
Source: Ferrari

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